USPS takes Apple Pay online but not in person

Apple Pay is now accepted by the United States Postal Service (USPS) online, but for in-person point-of-sale transactions, another form of payment is required, according to reports as of Monday, December 20.

Although the USPS has not supported Apple Pay, a recent website update showed that adoption of the payment method is available for most online transactions.

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Apple Pay can be used to pay for transactions in the digital postal store, PO Box Online, Every Door Direct Mail, Click-N-Ship, and USPS Tracking Plus and others, Appleosophy reported.

To use Apple Pay for a purchase, customers must be using Safari version 10.0 or later on a supported iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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Apple Pay acceptance is still a new concept for USPS, and it’s a concept that is still ongoing. But it’s a welcome change for customers trying to squeeze out last-minute vacation packages even though Apple Pay can’t be used at any physical post office.

For USPS to accept Apple Pay in its estimated 34,000 physical locations, it would require an overhaul of the infrastructure and terminals.

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While Apple Pay has been around for more than seven years, only 4.5% of all consumers use it for in-store purchases, down 26% from 2020, PYMNTS reported.

Apple Pay is not reaching its market potential, according to a PYMNTS study. Although users spent $ 91.7 billion in stores this year, the total dollar value of all eligible Apple Pay transactions could reach $ 1.5 trillion.



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