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JUPITER, Florida, December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Scenthound, the first and only wellness-focused dog care franchise concept in the country, marks rapid growth and development nationwide. In 2021, Scenthound sold nearly 80 units (“Scenters”) in 12 states, including major markets like Texas, Georgia, California, and more until Q4. The company also saw an unprecedented 283% increase in unit count from 2020. Launched in 2015, the revolutionary brand pioneered a technological approach to dog care that operates on a fully scalable business model. to enable rapid growth and success.

“Over the past twelve months, Scenthound has followed an incredible growth path that we attribute in large part to our strong sense of technology-driven innovation and the strength of our franchisees. As pioneers in an ever-growing industry, we are proud to be revolutionizing the way consumers approach pet care and expanding our franchise footprint across the country in 2021 and beyond, ”said Tim vogel, CEO of Scenthound “With a unique approach to routine and preventative dog care and an ever-evolving business model, we are confident that our success and the complete disruption of the $ 100 billion the pet industry will continue until 2022. “

Some notable growth markers and achievements from 2021 include:

  • A total of 77 Scenter units sold in 12 states in 2021 alone, representing 113 units sold since the brand’s inception in 2015.
  • An increase in the franchise as evidenced by the opening of a franchise unit in 2020 and the opening of 17 franchise units in 2021
  • The impressive 283% year-over-year increase in open units is due to the opening of 17 units in the past twelve months in major US cities.
  • Financial support from investors including the co-founder of Groupon Eric Lefkofsky and CEO and co-founder of Orangetheory Fitness David Long, who also sits on the Scenthound Advisory Board
  • Development and implementation of a consumer mobile app with digital SCENT Check that helps provide users with a traceable digital health record of their dogs.
  • Scenthound’s proprietary technology and Blue-Ocean strategy have helped bolster the brand’s resounding success, including its debut on the Inc. 5,000 this year.

“When we first opened our doors years ago, we already knew that our brand was going to redefine the pet care industry and our success to date proves it. Our strong, recession-resistant business model and unprecedented business support team are proving to be a key component in both attracting and retaining franchisees, ”continued Vogel. “Scenthound’s main goal has always been to remove barriers so people can love and connect with their dogs. In the years to come, with strong local franchisees in cities across the country, we hope to achieve this goal by opening 100 units and selling another 200. “

Founded in 2015 by the husband and wife duo Tim and Jessica Vogel, Scenthound’s membership-based business model is designed to make routine dog care accessible and affordable. With unique service offerings focused on health rather than beautification and designed to demystify dog ​​care, members receive at a minimum a monthly basic hygiene package, where technicians provide a bath, ear cleaning , nail trimming and tooth brushing. These services are raised thanks to the integration of innovative technologies; After each visit, members receive a digital SCENT Check ™ detailing an assessment of the dog’s overall external health, allowing owners to make data-driven decisions and better understand their pet’s needs.

Scenthound franchise opportunities remain in parts of the United States. For more information on development opportunities with Scenthound, visit

About Scenthound

Founded in 2015, Scenthound, the first and only wellness-focused dog care franchise concept in the country, provides membership-based services for affordable and accessible routine dog care. As the fastest growing pet franchise in the country, the brand’s services are enhanced through integration and innovative technology, including its exclusive SCENT Check ™ (Skin, Coat, Gains, Nails and Teeth) detailing an assessment of the external health of each dog after their monthly visit to a ‘Scenter’. Today, Scenthound has sold over 100 locations in over a dozen states and is positioned for explosive growth across the United States. For more information on Scenthound’s unique membership offerings, visit or follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. To learn more about franchise opportunities, visit


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