RATIONAL Introduces iCombi Pro to Help Chefs Maintain Food Quality

Multifunctional combi-steamer replaces fryers, grills, tandoor and many other equipment to help chefs produce food of consistent quality

Frequently changing staff, different regions, languages ​​and education levels often make it difficult to accommodate the choices of a large number of guests. To avoid compromises on quality, RATIONAL has developed the iCombi Pro, an intelligent and multifunctional combi-steamer that replaces fryers, grills, tandoor and many other equipment in the commercial kitchen, making it intuitive to use. , works autonomously and automatically adjusts the cooking process. to current circumstances. The intelligent cooking system recognizes the size and amount of load, adjusts the cooking process accordingly and reliably delivers the desired results.

“Foodservice has experienced an unprecedented boom in India with an explosion of F&B brands that now feature world cuisines from afar. What makes a brand live up to its popularity is the standard quality of the food served every time. Given the higher attrition than industry controls, it becomes tedious to educate newcomers about signature processes and point-of-sale dishes, ”said Saurabh Puri, Director of Marketing Communications, India, RATIONAL International India Private Ltd.

In addition, the cooking system can be used extremely flexibly. If the menu or parts of the concept change, the new recipes can be saved in the iCombi Pro. “He is proficient in a variety of preparation methods such as boiling, frying, steaming, roasting, baking and more. This almost eliminates the need to install other equipment, ”he added.

In order to facilitate the task of new or inexperienced employees, the iCombi Pro has the MyDisplay function. This function displays the cooking paths of the dishes selected on the cooking system which can be selected via the display at the touch of a button. To avoid language issues, the cooking programs are labeled with pictures of the individual dishes. In this way, users gain security and the error rate is minimized. To make it easier for business owners as well, MyDisplay can be configured from the office via ConnectedCooking, a networking solution.

In order to meet hygienic requirements and serve flawless food every time, the device also offers a super-fast intermediate cleaning function which only takes around 12 minutes. If a deep cleaning program is required, it will be shown on the combi steamer display. The cleaner itself is phosphate and phosphorus free – another plus for the environment.

“It’s easy to achieve consistent high quality in the restaurant industry when you have the right equipment. Regardless of the team’s level of experience, ”concluded Puri.

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