Police hunt down other users of an offending app

Two days after the arrest of Aumkareshwar Thakur who allegedly developed the “Sulli Deals” application, where Muslim women were auctioned online, Delhi police are trying to identify all members of the “trad” group involved. in women’s trolling, through digital flashback.

According to police sources, laptops seized from both Thakur and Neeraj Bishnoi – arrested by Mumbai police in the ‘Bulli Bai’ application case – are currently being analyzed by the forensic service. . Police try to recover files deleted from devices. The two men were members of the same Twitter group aimed at “defaming and trolling Muslim women”.

Digital fingerprints

“We are trying to identify and track down all members of the ‘trad’ group who have been involved in selling women online …

Police identified up to 30 Twitter accounts that were part of the so-called “trad” group, officials said.

The officer said that since all of the Twitter accounts that were part of the group were deleted, efforts are underway to track down those accounts through digital fingerprints. “They’ve used all kinds of names and aliases for their accounts, so it’s hard to identify a specific person… we can go back and find the person through the IP address,” the officer added.

The source said that once all members of the group are identified and found, appropriate legal action will be taken and further arrests are likely.

Officials had said Thakur was part of a “trad” (Tradmahasabha) group on Twitter and Telegram, whose members reportedly expressed offensive views on topics ranging from the caste system to women’s empowerment. Insults and caste abuse are also discussed in these groups, a senior officer said.

DCP (Special Cell Cyber ​​Unit) KPS Malhotra had stated that Thakur had developed the code for the “Sulli Deals” application on GitHub and had given access to it to all members of the “trad” group. Police said Thakur shared the app on his Twitter account and the photos of Muslim women were uploaded by other members of the group.

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