LISTEN: What’s next after Oregon’s mass vaccination sites are closed?


We’re about 2%, or 60,000 people, of reaching the 70% state threshold. That is, when 70% of state residents aged 16 and over receive at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she would lift most statewide restrictions, including indoor capacity limits, mask warrants, and physical distancing requirements. and reopen the state economy. Some of what brought us closer to that 70% figure: the Oregon mass vaccination sites at the Oregon Convention Center, the drive-thru sites at Portland International Airport and the stadium. Hillsboro.

But with all three sites shutting down this month, what does that mean for the future of vaccinations in Oregon? What are the next steps?

This week on Footnotes, the closure of Oregon’s mass vaccination sites, the lingering health equity and access issues facing our state, and the role community health clinics will play in the post-pandemic future.


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