GPSLive Version 2 introduces real-time tracking features added to telematics systems

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2021 / Rewire Security has already established itself as an innovative and affordable GPS tracking solutions provider. GPS tracking systems have revolutionized the automotive industry by reducing unwanted situations like vandalism and vehicle theft.

There is a wide range of products available in the market for tracking assets or vehicles. The company offers a variety of security devices such as CCTV vehicles for vehicles, body worn cameras, personal GPS trackers, fleet GPS trackers and alarm systems. Visit their website to explore the advanced features of GPSLive.

Rewire Security has updated its GPS tracking software to add highly efficient GPSLive for real-time tracking. It is equipped with an interface to see the live location of the vehicle on a map. Advanced GPS technology not only provides property and vehicle safety, but also helps parents monitor their children when using vehicles.

With the GPSLive function, a geo-fence can be created around specific locations. These virtual barriers can be used to set an alarm whenever the vehicle leaves or enters the geographic area. The geo-fence configuration allows instant alerts to be obtained whenever the vehicle enters or leaves the area. It even helps businesses record time spent outside pre-defined limits.

The GPSLive tracking program provides a wide range of information associated with their vehicles, such as real-time address and location, one-year route history, geofence areas, alerts and notifications, mileage recording and reports. The system can be customized to fit cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. It doesn’t matter whether the company has a fleet of 10 to 1000 vehicles. Tracking software is becoming an irreplaceable tool allowing fleet managers and transport companies to make the necessary adjustments to improve the performance of their fleet.

GPSLive tracking software has been designed to instantly give real-time geolocation of two or four wheels being tracked on a map. Vehicle movement is monitored in real time, while it is in transit for delivery. Parents can even supervise family members, especially teens, for peace of mind. A vehicle can be located on request in an emergency.

Fleet owners can benefit a lot from live location updates as they can reroute vehicles for short delivery times. Fleet managers can get real-time reports on driver behavior, fuel level, and speed and brake alerts. They can even immobilize the truck from remote areas in the event of theft. Installing a GPS tracker improves the productivity of fleet operators, and efficient delivery means satisfied customers.

Field managers can monitor employees’ exit and entry times to analyze their effectiveness. Employees can track how workers use work hours by setting up geofence zones. It even helps control your fuel costs.

Rewire Security experts have been committed to making life easier for fleet managers and business owners by providing a reliable telematics solution, since their launch in 2011. It is a solution for customers to help them reduce costs. operating with fast deliveries. It helps improve the safety of vehicles and ensure that their drivers are safe on the road.

The GPS tracking solution was available to businesses and businesses because it was expensive, but Rewire Security designed advanced programs for affordable costs. It can also be used by individual vehicle owners.

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