Governor Jared Polis plans to reactivate mass vaccine and test sites in 2022 – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– President Joe Biden has announced that the federal government will launch a home testing program to provide Americans with free COVID-19 tests. Free home test kits have been a resource Colorado has been offering residents for months. Gov. Jared Polis said more opportunities to get tested and vaccinated would be available in the state early in the new year.

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Polis released a statement following Biden’s announcement on Tuesday:

“Earlier this year, our administration launched a free, quick and easy home testing program so Coloradians can have the safety, peace of mind and money saving when testing in the comfort of their own homes. We have sent over 1.3 million free tests to people across our state and also offer a wide variety of other free test options in various locations to slow the spread of the virus. We applaud President Biden and his administration for following our state’s lead in offering free home testing to all Americans. We look forward to contributing to the efforts that result in safer, healthier communities in the New Year. “

While Delta remains Colorado’s largest variant, Polis expects Omicron to take over in a few weeks, if not days. Polis says Colorado has sufficient testing capacity, but it wants to bring additional venues into the state to reduce delays and long lines.

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After the first of the year, the sites for mass testing and vaccination will be reactivated. Soon the Coloradans will be able to get the first, second or third dose at places like Ball Arena, Water World, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and Boulder County Fairgrounds.

The state expects an increase in demand for Covid vaccines and tests soon. CovidCheck Colorado says the need is already there.

“I think a lot of the demand is related to vacations as well as the spread of the Omicron variant,” said Joshua Posner, senior director of operations. “As of Monday, we saw almost 11,000 patients across the state of Colorado. And this is the first day that we’ve actually had over 10,000 patients and appointments since December. “

Posner says they have all the appropriate PPE and test kits. While CovidCheck makes walk-in appointments, it recommends people make an appointment online before getting vaccinated or tested.

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The state is almost begging people for their booster shots, but for many it has been easier said than done. CBS4 encountered people in line at one of the state’s mobile clinics who were relieved to get an appointment.

“I made an appointment three weeks ago for CVS at Target. And then I went there and they told me that they had no more vaccines. I would definitely wait again if the bus was not available, ”Caroline said. “I feel like there’s more peace of mind knowing there is a shortage of reservations because it seems like people are doing their part and getting the shots. “

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