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SINGAPORE – Media reach – January 6, 2022 – Pazzi Robotics, a French kitchen and robotics software startup, recently announced the launch of fully automated packaged solutions for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Solutions range from food preparation to final assembly, based on fully automated procedures performed by robots.

Pazzi Robotics launched its second automated pizzeria in Paris in the summer of 2021. The fully autonomous restaurant uses Pazzi, a pizza processor, throughout cooking. No human intervention in the kitchen.

Customers can send their order requests via a mobile application or via the restaurant’s various touch screens, and can pick up their freshly prepared pizza from a marked locker a few minutes later. This unique technology-based restaurant concept with a robot chef has attracted customers from all over the world, amazed to see their dishes being prepared by robots in real time. The robots produce up to 80 gourmet pizzas per hour, allowing restaurateurs to focus more on customer experience and service.

The global food robotics market is expected to reach $ 3.1 billion by 2025. The pandemic has made the implementation of stand-alone solutions in the F&B industry even more important, as it enables efficient management of human resources and minimize the risk of contamination. As Singapore moves towards Industry 4.0, the government has proposed several initiatives to increase the adoption of AI in businesses, with many applications in robotics. Pazzi is a good example of how advanced robotics can help improve efficiency and safety in the restaurant business.

Pazzi Robotics has spent 7 years developing a disruptive and proprietary solution that combines software, data and precision robotics to fully automate the end-to-end cooking process, from ingredient selection to quality finished dishes. It aims to help the F&B industry address challenges such as staff shortages, resource management and productivity, health and safety, value and quality for consumers. The pizzas of the Pazzi restaurants in Paris are very popular with consumers.

Pazzi Robotics is backed by Qualgro, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, and Partech, Daphni two major European VCs.

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