Cybersecurity expert warns of CDC reports monitoring COVID lockdown compliance

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Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright has warned of reports that the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is monitoring COVID lockdown compliance, saying accessing private data exposes the most personal details of our lives in ” Unfiltered” from Saturday.

Morgan Wright: The problem is where we are with the technology. Every app you install on your phone contains this thing, usually called a SDK. In those little SDKs are licenses that say, “Hey, if you’re using our app” – no one ever reads the fine print – “We can now track information, address, location, date, time of your phone”.


Here is my problem. Now, just in March, a Virginia court, a federal judge ruled that the use of geofencing warrants was unconstitutional. You couldn’t just throw a wide perimeter around. I think that’s going to have implications for what the CDC does. They get away with saying, “Well, we’re buying private data.” But this private data reveals the most personal details of our lives, where we go, what we do, who hangs out in the house of Supreme Court justices, you know, where do people go to dinner, where do I go shopping… I mean, it’s more than just surveillance. This is global monitoring. It would make George Orwell happy to know that, hey, we’ve got a system in place where we don’t have to put a chip in your arm or a chip in your head. You just carried a phone. We can follow you wherever you go and by doing that we can understand what you are doing, because we get enough data we can understand, when you do certain actions, that’s what you are involved in.


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